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When it comes to pursuing the next stage in your career, we’re here to coach you to your next big win. At Gameplan Financial, we help professional athletes transfer their sporting experience into a career in financial services.


Athlete to Advisor

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As an elite athlete, you’ve had a tough but rewarding career. You’ve spent years training and competing to reach your athletic potential, but it’s a harsh reality that an athlete’s profession is all too short. Let Gameplan Financial help you prepare for the next chapter in your career.

perks and benefits

Perks & Benefits

A career with Gameplan offers you uncapped earning potential that helps you to reach your financial goals, whilst you help your friends, family and fan base achieve theirs. Work independently alongside likeminded peers to provide comprehensive personal and business protection insurance. Whether you want to earn extra money while focusing on your sport, or map out your future after retirement, it’s never too early to begin your career with Gameplan.

Hear from an Advisor
Robert Dowd - Advisor

Robert Dowd

Protection Specialist

Sheffield Steelers

“Gameplan has given me a direction and environment to thrive in, much like the sporting environment that I am accustomed to. While I still have years left to play the game I love, I can now start growing solid foundations for a great business.”

Matthew Towe - Advisor

Matthew Towe

Protection Specialist

Belfast Giants

“I’ve been at Gameplan from the start and can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am for the opportunity. It’s a team-first mentality where the guys have your back. We’re on a mission to make it to the top and it’s only a matter of time.”

Jonathan Phillips - Advisor

Jonathan Philips

Protection Specialist

Sheffield Steelers

“Gameplan allows us to keep that hardworking competitive ethos that we are accustomed to in the sporting world. Gameplan has also helped me by taking away any doubts or worries that I had with regards to where my future career may lie.”

Ben O'Connor - Advisor

Ben O'Connor

Protection Specialist

Sheffield Steelers

“The life skills that I have learnt and developed as a professional athlete transition perfectly into my role as an advisor with Gameplan. Flexible workload means you can arrange meetings around training, games and family life.”

Got what it takes?

We want to work with people like you, people who know what it takes to focus on your goals and persevere until you reach them. We are offering you this opportunity because we believe that you already have the qualities, skills and networks that will bring you success in the industry.

You don’t need to make any financial commitment, we will provide you with everything that you need to achieve the future that you deserve.

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